Man Arrested for Illegal fishing, but Owns Judge in Court and Gets away

Everybody has the right to feed himself in a way that should not go against the law. No one can see himself and his family starving, they look for a way to get something to eat. This video is a scene of an American courtroom, in which a mountain guy is being accused of illegal fishing without proof, standing in front of a respected judge. The guy is not an ordinary person, he has a wide knowledge of the law. Denying his unproven accusation he shows himself as a person who has the right to eat. This right has been provided to everyone by nature and he won’t back off from it. He made it clear to the judge and was certain about his previous act. The judge was not persuaded by anything he stated and tells him that as the allegation is directed towards the other cases and not the one he is saying. The guy later on manages to win his part of the story and moves out like a gentleman. There are a number of times when you are in a situation to show your real side and by this you can gain the heart of others.

Source: youtube/climatelife



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