Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $2 Million to Create Marine Reserves and Stop Illegal Fishing


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Oceans 5, an internationally-known environmental collective recently announced that the foundation set up by Leonardo DiCaprio will be donating $2 million to go towards stopping illegal fishing and helping to establish marine reserves throughout the five oceans.

This is the second donation made by the actor to help the world’s oceans this year. The first was a $3 million grant that was to Oceana and the work they are doing protecting important ocean habitats and marine life in the Eastern Pacific region. DiCaprio also made an announcement at the State Department’s June meeting on marine conservation, saying that his foundation will be contributing a total of $7 million over the next 2 years to various marine conservation efforts.

According to hollywoodreporter.com:

“The sad truth is that less than two percent of our oceans are fully protected,” DiCaprio said on Thursday. “We need to change that now.”

DiCaprio’s Oceans 5 grant will assist in the development of future initiatives and will directly support beneficiaries including: a new coalition of four conservation groups, working to strengthen controls on illegal fishing in the European Union, the world’s largest seafood market; a local organization in the Republic of Kiribati, working to implement the world’s fourth-largest marine reserve, located in the Central Pacific; a coalition of three organizations working to improve fisheries enforcement in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador, including construction of a radar facility on Cocos Island; a group of Cook Islanders working to create a marine park within a territory that is three times the size of California; and several organizations working to create Arctic marine reserves in Canada, Greenland and Russia.



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