Dad Goes Nuts as His Small Girl Gets a Big Bite

Kids constantly amuse us and baffle us with their creativity and imagination. Sometimes, you may think that a kid has shown you everything, and yet the next thing he or she does may surprise and shock you to no end.

Almost all surprises kids give us tend to be lovely, but nothing replaces the moments when they surprise us by doing something they learned from us. Like boxing like a true champ or flexing the body muscles adorably.

The adorable girl in this video may be small, but she can do some pretty impressive things. Equipped with a pink fishing pole designed for kids, little Zoey practices all the techniques Dad has taught her.

The little adorable girl you see in this video is small, yes, but she knows how to impress you by putting to use all the tricks her Dad has shown her. Her name is Zoey, and seeing her fishing with her pink fishing pole is just wonderful!

It is surprisingly impressive that she can sit near water with her pole for a long time without losing patience. But what is even more impressive is that when a fish bites her bait, she begins reeling in her catch without even asking for help – proof that she pays attention and has dedication.

And the best part – you can instantly tell how proud her Dad is once he realizes that Zoey caught a big catch.



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