Adidas is expected to use discarded fishnets from the sea and plastic waste to make a concept sneaker

Adidas has recently partnered up with an organization known as Parley For The Oceans. This organization works in a variety of mediums to creatively help the environment. Their partnership with Adidas is expected to use discarded fishnets from the sea and plastic waste to make a concept sneaker.

A large portion of the pollution in the ocean is fishnets. However, more than simply taking this harmful waste out of the sea, the fishnets being used for the concept sneaker came from The Sea Shepherds. The Sea Shepherds take environmentalism to the next level as they recently tracked illegal poachers on the open seas for 110 days near West Africa to get around 72km worth of illegal fishnets. More than removing the illegal nets, they also saved the poachers when their boat sank.

The concept sneaker will feature green net fibers and recycled plastics on the uppers, and the base will be made from other sustainable materials. In the past, Greenpeace has accused Adidas of polluting the environment, so this concept sneaker is being seen by many as a very positive change in direction for the shoe company. Although the production of these concept sneakers has not yet been confirmed, Adidas has promised that they will begin to use recycled fibers in 2016.



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