Social Media Bragging Regarding Fishing Trips May Lead to Jail Time

Thinking of heading to your nearest lake once the weekend arrives and clicking some nice shots of the whoppers you end up catching? If so, think once more!

The Department of Environmental Conservation – which often keeps an eye on all the fish shots that are posted on social media sites – has made it clear that catching fish out-of-season is a punishable offence.


Watertown Daily Times and Syracuse have carried news about the situation, and according to them, you may find yourself paying $250 fine or enjoying 15 days of clink time even if all you do is just post a photo of you with an out-of-season fish.

Lori Severino, a spokeswoman from DEC, knows that catching and releasing a fish out-of-season is not an offence. But the problem, according to her, is that most people who catch them out-of-season and click photos to put on social media sites do not immediately return them to water. And that is not acceptable.

The next time you catch a sturgeon, a bass, or a wall-eye, resist your urge to brag on social media. That is, if you value the contents of your wallet, of course!



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