Fishing Trip Unveils Huge Underwater Surprise

Disney movies can certainly make this type of moments look magical, but the truth is that it was a nightmarish boat trip.

Perhaps the people in the boat were not too terrified, as they look quite happy in the video, but that does not change anything.

It may sound quite crazy, but this is not the first instance a camera has captured a moment of this sort. A similar account was witnessed by the Washing University rowing team on Missouri’s Creve Coeur Lake.

Described as “My brother, nephews, and a friend go ‘fishing’ down a small drainage ditch sometime during the summer of ’10 near the flooded Spoon River in West Central Illinois, USA,” a few minutes into the video, something aggressive and quick emerges. Not just alone, but with friends!

The really funny part is that one very young boat member named Matthew ended up assuming a fetal curled up position toward the boat’s front, and never even appeared on the video.



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