A Kayaker Reels in One Great Goliath Grouper

The 552-pounds goliath grouper Jon Black caught was perhaps the biggest one ever to be caught using a kayak. No wonder it led to a celebration!

The way Jon reacted after seeing the humungous beast, and also after the fish broke his fishing rod into half, was priceless.

When he caught the giant, Jon, associated with the Cape Coral Crazy Lure Tackle shop of Florida, was fishing in Sanibel. He screamed excitedly as if he was a kid who caught his very first fish ever. For Jon, the catch was the largest of his life.

After the fishing rod broke, Black still managed to get the goliath grouper to the boat and eventually led it to shore where it was measured and then released, as is required by law since they are protected.

Jon managed to put the goliath on his boat even though his fishing rod got broken. After taking the fish to the shore, he measured it to be 83-inches in length and 73-inches in girth. Once measuring was done, abiding the law, he released the fish.




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