Neon jackfish leaves Yellowknife fisherman stumped

This fish was totally, head to tail, like nothing we’d ever seen,’ said Randy Straker

It isn’t the Loch Ness monster, but a Yellowknife angler who brought up his own after landing, and then releasing a fluorescent green pike while fishing in Great Slave Lake.

Straker and his friend Craig Thomas went fishing on a Sunday in the lake’s North Arm when this catch was made.

Image credit: and Craig Thomas

After dragging the pike onto the boat — It was estimated by Straker to be 38 to 40 inches and weigh 12 to 14 pounds. They both took some photos before releasing their catch. They just realized that they had caught something really unique.

“In hindsight, after looking at the pictures, we should have taken a whole lot more,” he said. “But we compared some pictures that we’d taken previously of a fish. And when you put it up against another pike, it’s way lighter. The fins were kind of a translucent green as opposed to the darker colours of a regular pike.

Avid fishermen, Thomas and Straker had worked their way around the lake for the past five years, and had “just started … exploring in that area,” said Straker.

The two were finishing up their day when Straker landed the fish. Pike, also known as jackfish, are common in Great Slave Lake, but when the catch passed by the boat, both men realized something was different.

“I was wearing polarized lenses, and I thought maybe that was causing some different coloration in the fish,” he said. “I was just about to pull my glasses off to take another look… and then my buddy made a comment about how strange the fish looked.

“Reeled it in a little tighter, and then just as it got close to the boat it kind of flared its gills and its mouth came wide open. And you could see right down its throat, and it was very fluorescent green.”




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