Monster Musky

The period of the Ice fishing season has fully come in Western Pennsylvania, and one Pittsburgh angler came out with a magnificent catch.

Two best buddies, Nicholas Colangelo and Luke Wholey were ice fishing in Northwest Pennsylvania on a Monday when a 53-inch musky was caught by Colangelo. They both slept in an ice shanty through the night and had fished for over 18-hours after which the musky reached for the bait , a 3-inch shiner.


Colangelo and Wholey slept in an ice shanty overnight and fished for about 18-hours until the musky took the bait, a 3-inch shiner.

“The weight was unbelievable, I’ve caught a lot of muskies, but never felt anything like this,” Colangelo said.

Colangelo said he didn’t see the fish for the first 10-minutes, and it took him about a half-hour to hand-reel it in.

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