Big albino catfish landed in Spain

Many fishermen, Tom Herron and John Edwards compete for bragging rights whenever they hit the water.

But the moment that played out not so long ago on the river bank of the River Segre in Mequinenza, Spain couldn’t have been thought of by anyone.

A 209 pound partial albino catfish was reeled in by Edwards, noticed to have been the world’s largest albino catfish seen, and did not hesitate in spreading the news. (‘Albino’ is well used in catfish-fishing circles to give account for any of these lighter catfish, that lack normal pigmentation. They are of different colors.)

Photo credit: photo via CatMasters Tours

“He was running up and down the bank shouting, ‘Yes, yes, I’ve caught the biggest fish!’” Edwards told the Plymouth Herald.

But before Edwards’ bragging had begun to wane, Herron hooked up, and an hour later he landed an albino catfish that weighed 221 pounds, giving him bragging rights, and presumably the record.

Both catfish were massive, measuring 7 feet, 11 inches, and 8 feet, 1 inch, respectively.

Albino catfish are not their own species of catfish, so there is no official world record for the lighter-colored fish.




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